About Us

Faith Angels Ministry is a registered Charity Organisation located in Hamurwa Sub County - Rubanda district, Uganda - Africa.


Faith Angels Ministry Africa  was established by Mr. Duncan Mutungi and Mr. Buhungiro Andrew in 2015. These are Ugandan citizens who grew up in a society that was hard for a child to be nurtured from due societal impact. During their youth stage, they developed empathy and love for helping the young children who were still living under inhuman situations. Majority of these children hailed from broken extended families that have been affected by HIV/Aids scourge. They both grew up from an environment that was surrounded by these kinds of children. They thus believed that it was only through attaining complete education that their dream of giving a second hand of help to needy children would be fulfilled.

After completing their studies, they were compelled out of the working experience with vulnerable communities to empower the marginalized groups of children with education. Through the little salary that was being earned, Duncan and Andrew decided to start up an orphanage school”Faith Angels Nursery and Primary School” under this charity organization. This was out of their kind hearts of ensuring that there is access to basic needs including good education for orphans and other vulnerable children that come from hard to reach communities. These communities have often been abandoned by both the government and other civil society organizations whose interventions often targets old people and thus living out the youth who are the future generation. The school currently supports more than 160 vulnerable children.

These children have therefore often times missed out on the government program of universal primary education. They have been abandoned by both their parents and care givers and thus resorting to gambling and alcohol drinking at a tender age. It’s therefore Faith Angels Ministry’s desire to see that these children attain education despite of their family backgrounds, religion, and age. Faith Angels does not only focus on academics but also on the context of faith and other human basic requirements like Food, clothing’s, and a minimum living standard. The ministry recognizes that each child is an individual; that all children are created equal and that all children need to succeed. Therefore, the school respects the individual needs of children; fosters a caring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of every child.

Among the daily activities includes: HIV guidance and counseling , Home visits , Evangelism , Provision of food , clothing’s and shelter to the children , community Sensitization, promotion of good Health & sanitation practices among the communities.

  • To empower vulnerable groups of people with active and creative minds, To give a sense of understanding, belonging and compassion for elderly, and the disabled groups of people.
  • To do, perform and promote all the causes, ideas, acts and deeds for and or in advancement of social and charitable aspiration of mankind.
  • To promote the causes of Christianity through practical caring and love of disadvantaged members of society, individuals, communities and all mankind with an aim of assisting them maintain a vital relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  • To provide a joyful learning environment that empowers vulnerable children to reach their educational and personal full potential while nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • To facilitate the members, plan and implement and share resources with an aim of achieving self –sufficiency and support the work of Faith Angels Ministry using locally and internationally identified resources through the welfare development Fund.
  • To support relief programs for Orphans, elderly, sick and widows, in Uganda and the surrounding countries.
  • To support the programs of Primary Health Care and community water programs.
Core values:
  • God Fearing
  • Accountability
  • High Integrity
  • Service Delivery
  • Excellency
  • Teamwork.
Future Plans

As a charity organization, we plan to achieve a lot in the future. Below are some of our plans.

  • Fundraising through grant proposal writing.
  • Connecting all children at our orphanage school to individual sponsors.
  • Buying more school land and setting up good classrooms, dormitories and staff quarters.
  • Construction of school church chapel.
  • Hiring qualified teachers Construction of an OVC (orphan Vulnerable Children) social centre for guidance and counseling.
  • Purchase of a children health van (To take the children to the health centre for medication since the available government hospital is in a far distance).
  • Starting up a boarding section for children without any home Construction of rainwater harvest school tank for safe water provision.
  • The school is located on a hilly area where it is hard for accessing safe clean water.
  • Starting up a learning platform to children with both learning disability and physical disability (especially the blind, the dumb and the deaf).

Our Mission

To provide reliable, effective and flexible education to the marginalized groups of youth in Africa.

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Our Vision

To create a free from poverty and self reliant community.

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Sponsorship Program

We have a sponsorship program for those who would like to sponsor a child in school.

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Read more to learn about all the ways you can lend a helping hand to these needy children.

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Our Team

Buhungiro Andrew


Mutungi Duncan


Nyehikira Richard